Greyhawk Delve

Episode Two - Hot town, Summer in the Free City

With their success at the tomb, our heroes made a name for themselves within the Free City of Greyhawk. Even the mayor took note of their work and summoned them to a private meeting. There, they learned of a rising current of undead incursions in the lands surrounding the Free City and even farther out into the Shield Lands and the Great Kingdom itself. But before they could settle in for a courier mission to the Great Kingdom to report on their undead experiences, sinister Orcs and Orogs attacked them in the city streets wrecking the bazaar and threatening their lives. New ally Anneke was able to help in the fight and after some rudimentary investigations, the party finds itself the target of a new threat – a death mark courtesy of the resurgent Black Hand Thieves guild!


A death mark’s not an easy thing to live with…


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